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About Our Association

The Association
The Association's annual meetings are fun affairs for young and old, a good time to celebrate.

The B.W. Wells Association works on three fronts to achieve our mission. We hold events, workshops, hikes and tours to teach people about:

  • B.W. Wells and his important botanical contributions to North Carolina.
  • The unique geology of Rockcliff Farm.
  • The ecological relationship between the wildflowers of Rockcliff Farm and its geology.
  • The history of the farm itself, the people who lived there and how they used the farm.
The BW Wells Association improve Rockcliff Farm by:
  • Adding features such as trail-side displays to better educate the public.
  • Building demonstration areas along the trails to highlight farming activities such as the use of Mangum terraces to prevent erosion, and butchering pigs and curing their meat.
  • Holding work sessions to maintain the buildings, the trails and grounds.

We partner with other organizations to jointly sponsor and conduct environmental educational activities. These organizations include:

  • N.C. Botanical Garden
  • N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences
  • N.C. Native Plant Society
  • Wake Forest Garden Club.




B.W. Wells Association

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Executive Committee

President – Sanford Bailey

Vice President – Joel Bailey

Secretary/Treasurer – Mary-Kate Keith

At Large – Jimmy Ray

Board of Directors

Craig Cooper

Kathy Bishop

Debra Ludas

Julie Moore

Peter Schubert

B. H. Powell

Becky Parsons

Donna Walsh

Advisory Board

Hughen Nourse

Ken Moore

Benson Kirkman

Brian Bockhahn

Johnny Randall

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