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Rockcliff Farm

B.W. and Maude Wells moved to this 154-acre farm in 1954 and named Rockcliff Farm because of its unique geology and wild flowers. In 1983 the Neuse River was dammed, creating Falls Lake, which flooded about 70 acres of the farm. Rockcliff Farm now consists of about 83 acres of meadows, successional and mature forests along the banks of Falls Lake. Six miles of trails traverse the farm enabling the visitor to enjoy the varied flora and geology of the farm.

Rockcliff Farm and its features are on the National Register of Historic Places. The property is maintained by and is located within the Falls Lake State Recreation Area assisted by the B.W. Wells Association.  To request a guided tour, fill out the form below.

Rock Cliff Farm is an ideal setting for the study of plants and animals in their natural habitats, as well as the ecological relationships of biological elements, including humans, with the physical environment. Exemplifying Dr. Wells’ philosophy of man living in harmony with nature through understanding the natural environment, the farm is a living historical/ecological memorial to him.

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Tour Rockcliff Farm

Rockcliff Farm is only open to guided tours.

Group tours can be arranged by calling the park office at: (919) 676-1027

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