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Rockcliff Farm Volunteer Opportunities

We need partners, contacts and volunteers

There are many ways in which groups or individuals can take advantage of the great resources of Rockcliff Farm.  Here are a few:

Artists, Art Clubs
  • Perform current day paintings of historic and scenic Rockcliff Farm for display at events.
  • Restore, re-print and research the paintings of B.W. Wells.
Photographers, Photography Clubs
  • Document current day buildings and structures on historic Rockcliff Farm
  • Help photograph flora and fauna of Rockcliff Farm
  • Document paintings of B.W. Wells 
  • Create movie clips of historic Rockcliff Farm and scenic lake shore
  •  Interview historical figures of Rockcliff Farm 
Botanists, Botany Clubs
  • Help inventory flora of Rockcliff Farm
  • Assist with site management projects for rare plants 
  • Assist with various plant rescues around Falls Lake
Biologists, Biology or Natural History Clubs
  • Help inventory fauna of Rockcliff Farm
  • Assist with wildlife enhancement projects
Geologists, Geology Clubs
  • Assist with geological surveys of Rockcliff Farm and surrounding lake shore 
  • Help locate historic landscape features of Rockcliff Farm
Contractor, /Handymen
  • Re-construction, repair and maintenance of structures and buildings at Rockcliff Farm 
Ancestry Researchers
  • Trace lineages of past and present farm dwellers


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